Routine Maintenance Is the Best Way To Stay Cool, Calm & Collected

There’s nothing like enjoying a relaxing day in your cool, comfortable home in the middle of a hot Florida summer. That is, until you hear a strange noise from your air conditioner and think, “Wait, did I schedule that AC tune-up this year?”

Much like how you are supposed to visit the doctor each year for a preventative health checkup, your air conditioner should be checked at least once a year, too. During these tune-ups, a qualified service technician will test your system and perform quality inspections to ensure everything is running smoothly. Additionally, the technician will clean all of the important components, such as the coils, drain pan, outdoor unit, and more.

To ensure a chill, worry-free summer, don’t forget to schedule your AC maintenance in Jacksonville, FL. Learn why making maintenance a priority will help your equipment, your home, and your wallet!

Maintenance Won’t Only Help You Save You Energy…

It will help you save you money, too! Yearly maintenance visits optimize your unit’s efficiency. Your technician will check for damage, ensure each component is operating as it should, and clean your equipment to maximize its overall performance and efficiency regarding energy consumption. A clean, well-kept machine doesn’t need to work as hard to cool your home. When the system can run on less energy, your utility bill will also be lower—maintenance really is a win-win!

Not only will cleaning your unit help it run more smoothly, it will also improve your indoor air quality. Dirt, pollutants, and other debris that build up in your air conditioner throughout the year can have an impact on both your equipment’s efficiency and your health. Regular maintenance ensures you can breathe easier and worry less!

Get the Most Out Of Your Cooling System

Taking care of your AC unit through routine maintenance will reward you in the long run. Annual tune-ups can reduce the likelihood of sudden problems that require costly fixes. Preventative service is key—finding potential issues before they worsen is the best way to avoid urgent repairs or even replacements. And keeping everything in good working order year-round will help extend the overall life of your unit! Spend the season confident that your system is ready to keep you cool.

Keep Cool And Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Don’t get stuck sweating in a heat wave and waiting for the next available repair appointment. Schedule your air conditioning maintenance before summer starts, when your local HVAC team may have more availability. Regular maintenance is the way to stay comfortable all year long—no matter what the weather brings!

Now that you know how importance maintenance is, don’t wait to schedule your appointment! Buehler even has an Ultimate Savings Agreement Plan to help you save and stay cool. Our comprehensive maintenance program includes three different options to help our customers receive the preventative HVAC care they need without breaking their budget. In addition to extensive precision checks and cleaning, members also receive 15% off all service repairs, no overtime charges, priority service, and so much more. And you can have peace of mind knowing that your system is working exactly as it should be! Conveniently schedule your AC tune-up online with your go-to HVAC company in Jacksonville, FL, and stay cooler with Buehler!

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