Plus, a Rebate You’ll Want to Know More About!

At Buehler, we love giving our customers as many money-saving opportunities as we can. Sometimes, though, we are asked: What is the difference between a discount and a rebate? So, we’re using this month’s blog to explain.

The difference between discounts and rebates is essentially now vs. later. While rebates and discounts both allow the customer to save money, there is a key difference.

A discount, as we all know, is when the cost of a product or service is reduced at the time of purchase. Whether it’s $5 off a food delivery order, 10% off your next AC repair or free shipping with an online order over $50, we live in a world full of discounts.

Rebates, on the other hand, are partial refunds handed back to customers after the product or service has been purchased at full price.
So, the main difference between a discount and a rebate is when savings occur. The cost is reduced at the time of the purchase for a discount and after the time of the purchase for a rebate. Keep in mind, though, that there is also what’s referred to as an instant rebate. In this case, even though it’s still considered a rebate, the discount will be applied right away. Carrier Cool Cash is an example of an instant rebate, which you can learn more about by reading below.

Rebates Can Energize Your Budget!

This would be a tough one to argue! After all, who doesn’t love to have money handed back to them? Rebates are often used as incentive programs. For example, in our industry, customers can receive rebates from manufacturers, as well as local and federal rebate programs.
These rebates are designed to reward customers for making energy-efficient upgrades. Since newer heat pumps and air conditioners are much more energy efficient and better for the environment, investing in these systems helps promote a healthier, more sustainable world. Therefore, the goal of the rebates is to help customers offset the higher upfront costs that come with these systems.

There’s No Cooler Rebate Than Cool Cash!

Here at Buehler, we install Carrier systems for our customers—the same brand we trust in our own homes. Because we work so closely with the manufacturer, we’re able to help our customers take advantage of their incredible Cool Cash rebate!

If your equipment is on its last legs, there’s no better time than now to upgrade. Cool Cash is a limited-time offer for qualified buyers. You can earn up to $1,550 in rebates by purchasing qualifying Carrier equipment up until May 26, 2023. The online claim form must be filled out and the installation must occur within 45 days of the date of sale. The last day to complete the rebate claim form is July 10, 2023.
We’re happy to explain which equipment qualifies and help guide you through the process. For more information on the Carrier Cool Cash rebate or to schedule AC maintenance, AC repair or another service with our team, contact us online or call Buehler Air Conditioning at 904.299.1603 today. Thanks and stay cool!

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