AC Maintenance Programs Let’s You Reap Awesome Savings & Benefits!

There is nothing quite as beneficial to your cooling or heating system as a decent AC Maintenance Plan. At Buehler Air Conditioning & Plumbing, we offer an Ultimate Savings Plan that provides membership benefits and discounts all year round.

Maintenance Program Options

USA Premium

$299, $150 for Each Additional System*
  • 2 visits
  • Pan strip
  • 15% off parts and labor
  • No diagnostic with repair
  • No drain line clearing

*$120 if an additional system is a mini split

USA Standard

$199, $120 for Each Additional System*
  • 2 visits
  • 15% off parts and labor

*$120 if additional system is a mini split

USA Economy

$119 each
  • 1 visit
  • 15% off parts and labor
Here are just some of the paybacks our members reap when they sign up for our Ultimate Savings Agreement Plan:
  • 15% off all service repairs
  • No overtime charges
  • Priority service
  • Energy savings
  • Reduced breakdowns
  • No charge for drain line clearings
  • Improved indoor air quality as a result of a clean system
  • … And so much more!
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Precision Checks—Twice a Year

There’s more good stuff, too. With our Ultimate Savings Agreement Plan, Buehler Air Conditioning & Plumbing agrees to send out a qualified service technician to perform two precision tune-ups to your heating and air conditioning system per year.

The precision tune-up process includes:
  • Test system operation
  • Test refrigerant pressures
  • Test components for proper rating
  • Test all safety switches
  • Test amp draw on units
  • Test Delta T (performance)
  • Clean indoor coils
  • Clean indoor drain pan
  • Clean indoor cabinet
  • Clean outdoor coils and unit
  • Clean condensate drains
  • Clean or replace filter (customer provided)