Here’s How to Get an Accurate Reading of the Situation

When our homes are too hot or too cold, we’re quick to blame our HVAC equipment. And while it’s true that your AC or furnace may be the culprit, this isn’t always the case.
Before calling a professional for heating repair or AC repair in Jacksonville, there’s something else you should check first: the thermostat. Even if it’s reading the correct temperature, your thermostat could still be the problem.

Here are some reasons why your thermostat might be malfunctioning and what to do about it.

Check to Make Sure That…

• The thermostat is set to the appropriate mode and temperature. If there are a lot of people in and out of your home, you never know who might have accidentally bumped into the thermostat and changed the settings. Or, if you have little ones in the house, they may have seen the thermostat and thought it was a fun toy to play with. Double-check to make sure the thermostat is set to the correct temperature. Also, make sure it’s in the appropriate “cool” or “heat” mode, depending on the time of year.

• It’s in a good spot—literally. Part of a technician’s job is installing the thermostat in the correct area—a central location that’s far enough from any doors, windows, registers and sunny areas. Otherwise, your thermostat will always think your home is cooler or warmer than it actually is. In order to keep your home at that “just right” temperature, the thermostat needs to always have an accurate reading.

• It’s clean and free of debris. Just because your thermostat is covered, this doesn’t mean it’s maintenance-free. Open the thermostat and check to make sure it’s clean. If you notice any grime, dust, dirt or lint inside of the thermostat, use a cloth to gently clean it.

• The batteries are still good. Sometimes, it can be as simple as changing the batteries. Most thermostats will indicate when the batteries need to be replaced.

• The thermostat is level. Thermostats that use a mercury bulb must be level. Otherwise, the thermostat won’t be able to accurately read the temperature.

• The wires aren’t loose or corroded. If the wires appear flimsy or corroded, call a professional to see whether the thermostat needs to be repaired or replaced. Never try to fiddle with the wiring on your own.

• The “lock” setting isn’t enabled. Digital thermostats are designed to be “smarter.” As we all know, older thermostats are easy to adjust and, therefore, are prone to errors and mistakes. This is why some digital thermostats come with a “lock” setting. If you’re unable to change the temperature, check to make sure this setting isn’t enabled.

If You’re Unsure, Give Us a Call!

If something is clearly off with your heating or cooling, but you just don’t know what, give us a buzz.
Even if the problem is your thermostat, there are issues you might not be able to detect, such as damaged sensors or programming issues. Rest assured, our techs are masters of the trade. They’ll be able to quickly troubleshoot the issue, provide options and reliably restore your comfort as quickly as possible. We offer everything you need to have it made in the shade, from AC maintenance and repairs to installations and replacements. To top it all off, our techs are the best at what they do—and your neighbors think so, too!

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