And Showing No Sign of Slowing Down

It’s no secret that technology drives consumer demands. Back in 1922 when the first modern-day air conditioner was invented, these residential units were an upper-class luxury. It wasn’t until the 1950s when air conditioners became more affordable thanks to a booming economy following World War II.

As HVAC technology has advanced, so have our priorities as consumers. Americans want to do more than just cool their homes and businesses. They want to cool them in a way that is convenient, better for their indoor air quality and better for the environment.
As more and more Americans strive to automate their homes and leverage the benefits of smart home technology, consumers are turning to ductless mini-splits at a rapid pace. According to a recent press release by SNS Insider, a leading global market research agency, the mini-split market is expected to reach $211.53 billion by 2023. As of 2022, the market was valued at $106.55 billion.

Why So Much Growth?

Mini-splits, otherwise known as ductless air conditioners, are advantageous in many ways. They align with what Americans are looking to gain from their HVAC equipment, such as:

  • Improved indoor air quality. Since mini-splits are ductless, they don’t come with the same challenges as traditional ducted units. Over time, air ducts can become the perfect breeding ground for dust, debris and mold. Without proper cleaning, dirty ductwork can contribute to allergies, asthma and upper respiratory conditions. Mini-splits not only avoid the air quality-related issues posed by ducted systems, but they also come with built-in filters to prevent dust, pet dander, mold spores and more from contaminating your air.
  • Integration with smart home technology. Mini-splits can be integrated into smart home systems that control other features of your home, such as the lights, shutters, sprinklers and more. There is no doubt that smart home technology is becoming more and more popular with time. Mini-splits can seamlessly pair with smart hubs, granting homeowners the ability to control their thermostats right from their phones.
  • Lower cooling costs. Back in 1974, Burger King came out with its new hit slogan: “Have it your way.” Mini-splits are the Burger Kings of the HVAC world. They allow you to cool your home your way by using independent zones. This means homeowners no longer have to pay to cool unused rooms. Mini-splits also allow us to break free from the energy losses associated with leaky, poorly sealed ductwork. Thanks to their outstanding efficiency, mini-splits are an ideal choice for homeowners who wish to save more money over the long term.

Wondering Whether a Mini-Split Is Right for You?

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