Treat Her Like the Treasure She Is

There is nothing like an awesome mom to make us smile. So, when given the opportunity to bring her some sunshine, we should do all we can. Mother’s Day lands on May 8 this year, but, here at Buehler Air Conditioning, we like to honor Mom all month long. So, if you’ve been searching for the best ways to show your favorite lady some comfort and love, we’re here to offer a wide range of suggestions.

5 Ways to Show Mom Comfort & Love This Month

1. Make her a meal.
Don’t make Mom cook on her special day. Instead, fire up that grill or cook her one of her favorite dishes. Then relax on the patio or deck with a chilled beverage. Don’t forget to give a toast to Mom!

2. Buy her a houseplant that purifies the air.
Sure, air purifiers are a super way to help boost your IAQ. But did you know there are a handful of houseplants that also help clean your indoor air? It’s true. Certain plants can help purify your indoor air while also reducing harmful particles. They help absorb carbon dioxide and offer fresh oxygen. Bamboo palm, aloe vera, peace lily and mums are just some options that offer these great benefits.

3. Upgrade your thermostat.
Don’t yet have a smart thermostat? Now’s the time to invest and keep Mom perfectly cozy all year round. Smart options learn Mom’s patterns and can adjust the temperatures accordingly. The results? You’ll save on energy when you’re not home and while you’re sleeping.

4. Clean the house (vents and all).
A thorough house cleaning is always appreciated—whether it’s for Mom or Dad! Vacuum and clean return vents and ceiling fan blades. Don’t forget to change air filters for a fresh set, too! Not only will your home feel spick-and-span, but your indoor air quality will be at its very best.

5. Give her a paid weekend away.
If you can afford it, why not send Mom to a spa or somewhere she loves for a long weekend? While she’s gone, you can prep the house by calling Buehler to clean the ducts, zone the HVAC system or install new IAQ equipment. Then when she returns, she can bask in the new home comfort you’ve created.

Happy Mother’s Day to All Moms!

A big shoutout from Buehler Air Conditioning to all Moms this Mother’s Day. We appreciate you and all you do. As the weather heats up and you find yourself needing even more cool comfort in your home, feel free to lean on the HVAC team that treats customers like family. We’re always here for your cooling needs in Jacksonville Beach and nearby. Need an appointment today? Reach out to us using our handy contact form!

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