You Can Easily Do These Tricks—Even on Your Day Off!

The housing market is booming. All across the country, sellers are getting top dollar for their homes. And in Florida, the statistics are no different. According to a recent report from the Florida Realtors Research Department, the average price for a single-family home has increased by almost 17 percent since 2020, while the median price for townhomes and condos is also up over 16 percent.

So, the secret is out. If you’re in the market to sell your home, now is a perfect time. Of course, prepping your home for sale takes some time and effort—especially if you want to make top grades on your return. Fortunately, Buehler Air Conditioning & Plumbing—Jacksonville Beach’s top choice for AC maintenance and more—has some simple tips on how you can put your home in a class all of its own.

Checklist 101: Do These 8 Things Before Your First Showing!

1. Fix the small things first.
Do you have noticeable paint chips or are you missing electrical plates? Touch up areas that need fresh paint and replace light switches or electrical plates with clean, new ones. You might even consider replacing old light bulbs with LED ones to brighten up darker rooms. These are simple and inexpensive ways to make older areas look bright and new again.

2. Increase curb appeal.
Your home’s first impression starts from the moment a prospective buyer pulls up to your house. Be sure your front lawn is mowed, your garden beds are weeded, and that no garbage or clutter is in your front space. Place garden pots with colorful flowers at your entryway to add a welcoming pop of color, too.

3. Schedule HVAC service.
Homebuyers want to be certain everything in your house works—so they might want to test your HVAC system for both cooling and heating. Scheduling a tune-up prior to any house showings will ensure that your system works seamlessly—and impresses your buyers.

4. Clean and then clean some more.
Clean kitchen counters, sinks, bathrooms, baseboards, and floors so they sparkle and shine! Use natural cleaners that leave scents of citrus rather than harsh chemical scents. No one likes to walk into a home and be struck with the overwhelming smell of bleach!

5. Remove all clutter.
If your home is filled with moving boxes, toys, pet dishes, and packing items tucked into corners, buyers are going to be turned off. Become a minimalist and remove any and all clutter. Consider removing extra furniture from living areas, too. Fewer furniture pieces in one room make areas look larger!

6. Update window treatments.
Framing your windows with the proper window treatments will allow the right amount of light into your home. Depending on the time of the day your home will be shown, adjust blinds or curtains accordingly so light is filtered in just right.

7. Bake cookies before a showing.
This is an old real estate trick, but it’s one that works wonders. Bake fresh cookies right before a showing to leave your home smelling yummy and super homey. For some extra credit points, leave a plate of those cookies on the counter for potential buyers to sample.

8. Check-in on your indoor air quality system.
If you have an air purifier or whole-home indoor air quality system, be sure it has new filters, is serviced, (call Buehler Air Conditioning & Plumbing for a checkup!), and is in good working condition. Having fresh, clean filtered air will go a long way toward impressing interested buyers—and keeping your home feeling fresh!

Selling Your Home? Anyone? Anyone?

If you’re looking to put your home on the market and need AC maintenance orAC repair prior to your listing, give our team at Buehler Air Conditioning & Plumbing a call! We’d be more than happy to fine-tune your cooling or heating system so your HVAC report card is filled with all As from those prospective buyers!

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