AC tips in Jacksonville, FL
April 12

How Florida Weather Impacts Your HVAC System

Many people associate Florida with hot weather. The north and central regions have a warm subtropical climate while the southern area is tropical. The state… View Article Read More

April 5

Rebates vs. Discounts: What Are the Differences?

Plus, a Rebate You’ll Want to Know More About! At Buehler, we love giving our customers as many money-saving opportunities as we can. Sometimes, though,… View Article Read More

Mini-Split AC in Jacksonville, FL
March 13

Could Your Mini-split System Cool and Heat Your Home Simultaneously?

When most homeowners think about heating or cooling their homes, they automatically think about central HVAC systems. To be fair, the overwhelming majority of homes… View Article Read More

March 10

5 Questions to Ask Before Partnering With an HVAC Company

Equip Yourself With the Most Crucial Information If you needed surgery, would you choose just any doctor to perform the operation? You’re going to want… View Article Read More

Heat Pump Repair Jacksonville, FL
February 10

Why Heat Pumps Can Be Ideal for Florida Weather

If you live in Florida, you know that the summers can be incredibly hot and humid. Many of us even need air conditioning to make… View Article Read More

February 3

Home Heating Tips for Those Colder Nights

No Need to Load Up on Blankets…Unless You Want to We live in Florida, which means we get to wear shorts most of the year…. View Article Read More

Smart thermostat in Jacksonville, FL
January 20

Understanding Recovery Mode on Your Thermostat and What It Means

Recovery mode is a unique feature that you’ll find on some smart thermostats and newer programmable thermostats, and it works to ensure that your home… View Article Read More

January 3

What to Know About the New SEER2

Here’s What the New Changes Mean for You After the movie Jaws was a mega-hit in 1975, Jaws 2 was released three years later with… View Article Read More

Space Heater in Jacksonville, FL
December 14

Helpful Tips for Using Space Heaters This Winter

One of your most important winter priorities is keeping your home safe and warm for your family. Even the most reliable furnace can leave some… View Article Read More

November 30

Why Now Is the Best Time to Replace Your AC

Save More & Stress Less With an Off-Season Replacement There’s a reason the early bird catches the worm. By the same token, there’s a reason… View Article Read More