Spread the Warmth This Holiday Season

Here in Jacksonville, we spend the majority of the year trying to make our homes feel cooler (hence, our promise to help you “stay cooler with Buehler!”). But we still experience some chillier days and nights, too.
As we approach the holidays and colder months, we want to share some tips for making your home feel cozier and warmer.

1. Consider a zoning system. Tired of living with hot and cold spots? Drafty areas can make a cozy home feel so out of reach. In addition to insulating your home, sealing the areas around windows and doors, etc., one of the best ways to eliminate hot and cold spots is with a zoning system. These systems work by installing multiple, independently controlled zones throughout the home. With this approach, you can avoid having an overly hot kitchen, an unpleasantly cold bedroom, etc. By controlling each independent zone, you can eliminate those hot and cold spots to make your entire home feel more comfortable.

2. Declutter. Mess creates stress! Plus, the more clutter you have, the easier it is for dust to build up and impact your indoor air quality. Do a walkthrough of your home and remove things you don’t use or need. Or, instead of leaving things scattered about, store them in baskets to free up some space and make your home feel less chaotic.

3. Lay down some area rugs. This is a great way to make your home feel cozier without making permanent changes.

4. Add throw pillows and blankets. It’s such a little thing, but it’s amazing how much warmer and cozier a home can feel with some seasonal blankets and pillows. For those extra chilly nights, we recommend a weighted blanket. We guarantee it’s the warmest blanket you’ll ever own!

5. Have your heater inspected. Nothing disrupts your comfort like a broken heater. This is why it’s so important to have your heater inspected at the start of each season. Before we reach the coldest time of year, schedule heating maintenance to avoid emergency repairs and higher heating bills.

6. Add new lighting or install more modern fixtures. Is the lighting in your home outdated, dark and just plain depressing? Upgrading to more modern lighting can work wonders for putting your home in the best possible light (pun intended!). This is also an excellent opportunity to express your taste and creativity, whether it’s through string lights, floor lamps, dimmer switches and more. You can also check the light bulbs in your current lights. You’ll want to use light bulbs labeled as “Warm” instead of “Cool.” The warmer ones give off a more yellow/orange tone that feels cozier, while the cooler ones are more blue.

7. Add wood décor. Wood is a material that can warm up any home. Even temporary additions, such as wooden bowls, trays and holiday signs, can make your home feel much more inviting and cozy.

8. Hang up framed pictures or create a photo collage. Happy memories warm our hearts. So naturally, hanging up pictures of our favorite memories will make our homes feel warmer, too!

9. Upgrade to a smart thermostat. Back in the day, we had to adjust the thermostat constantly. But with a smart thermostat, you can let technology do much of the work for you. With the ability to “learn” your daily schedule, these thermostats will make automatic adjustments to keep your home at the temperature you prefer. Plus, energy tracking, remote access and other features will help you save money and lower your long-term energy costs.

10. Extend your comfort outdoors. Though the summers can be brutal, we’re fortunate to have relatively mild winters. So why not extend your comfort to the great outdoors? With enhancements like outdoor furniture and a fire pit, you can enjoy your yard even on the colder nights.

And there you have it: 10 ways to make your Florida home feel cozier. Of course, this is assuming your heater is doing its job. If you suddenly find yourself without heat or your older heater is constantly breaking down, we’re here to help. Our heating replacements in Jacksonville make all the difference for staying cozy during the chilly months. If your heater needs constant repair work or is around 15 years old, contact us online or call us directly to learn more about the phenomenal Carrier systems we have in stock.

Gobble Gobble—Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s been another wonderful year for our family company. We want to take a moment to thank you, our customers, for your continued support. Thank you for continuing to choose Buehler time and time again. We also want to acknowledge our incredible employees. Thank you for taking care of our customers and setting the standard for what home service should always be. You’re all rockstars and we are so grateful for you! From our family to yours, we wish you all a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!

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