August 9

Five Common Ductless AC Issues to Avoid

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Sun Damage in Jacksonville, FL
July 18

How Intense Florida Sunlight Can Damage Your HVAC System

Jacksonville, Florida is one of the sunniest, warmest cities in America, so reliable air conditioning here is a must. When the sun beats down on… View Article Read More

SEER Rating in Jacksonville, FL
July 5

What’s a ‘SEER’ Rating and Why Does It Matter?

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Home Equity in Jacksonville, FL
June 20

11 HVAC Upgrades That Can Increase Your Home Equity

The value of your home is determined by your county assessor, which can lead many homeowners to wonder what they can do to increase the… View Article Read More

June 9

10 Tips for Staying Cool If the AC Breaks

While We’re Enroute, There’s No Need to Sweat It It’s happened. It started just like any other day. But at one point, you noticed your… View Article Read More

Uneven Heating in Jacksonville, FL
May 18

Possible Reasons You Have Hot or Cold Spots in the Home

Keeping your home comfortable throughout the year means knowing you can rely on your heating and cooling systems to function properly. This is especially true… View Article Read More

May 4

Give Mom the Gift of Comfort This Mother’s Day

Treat Her Like the Treasure She Is There is nothing like an awesome mom to make us smile. So, when given the opportunity to bring… View Article Read More

April 19

The Best Air Filters for Your Home

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AC tips in Jacksonville, FL
April 18

How Florida’s Weather Affects Your Home’s Heating and Cooling

Ensuring that your home stays at a comfortable temperature throughout the year is obviously important. However, Florida’s hot, humid tropical climate can make this much… View Article Read More

March 21

Buehler Is Your Lucky Charm This Spring!

Our HVAC Services Are as Good as Gold When it’s time to call a local HVAC company for service in your Jacksonville Beach home, we… View Article Read More