While We’re Enroute, There’s No Need to Sweat It

It’s happened.

It started just like any other day. But at one point, you noticed your home was a bit quieter than usual. That’s when you realize you haven’t heard the air conditioner in a while. You rush over to the thermostat and see that your home is already two degrees warmer than the set temperature. You check the display on your thermostat to see if the batteries are low—but they aren’t. That’s when reality hits you like a ton of bricks. It’s sweltering hot outside and the air conditioner is broken.

Here in Florida, losing your air conditioning isn’t an inconvenience. It’s an emergency. That’s why, at Buehler Air Conditioning, we provide prompt AC repairs in Jacksonville, FL [LINK TO /ac-repair-jacksonville-fl/], and the entire Northeast Florida area. But there’s a period of time between you calling us and your technician arriving at your front door. So, we want to take a minute to share some of the most effective ways to stay cool when the AC breaks. This way, you will know what to do in the event of an emergency.

Show the Heat Who’s Boss

Don’t let an AC problem cramp your style. The first and most important thing to do when the AC breaks is to contact us for repair service. Summers in Florida are so intense that you don’t want to waste any time before calling for backup. However, one thing we want to remind you is to always check the batteries in the thermostat first. Many people think there’s a mechanical issue with their air conditioner when it’s really just the thermostat. If you’ve already done this and the batteries are fine, you know there’s a bigger issue.

Once you’ve called us and you’re waiting for your technician to arrive, here’s how you can keep your Florida home as cool as possible:

1. Avoid using the oven and stove. That pie you were planning on baking for the barbecue might have to become a no-bake cheesecake! Using the oven or stove is going to raise the temperature in your home very quickly, so you should avoid using these appliances at all cost.
2. Switch the ceiling fans to turn counterclockwise. Do you change the direction of your ceiling fans twice per year? If not, we recommend doing so. Ceiling fans should run counterclockwise during the summer. Here’s why: Cool air naturally sinks to the floor, so the fan will pull it up and disperse it throughout your home. During the cooler months, you want the fans to spin clockwise because this will push the warmer air down to the floor where you are.
3. Close the curtains and lower the shades. If you enjoy natural lighting in your home, the last thing you want to do is lower the shades and shut out the summer sun. But when your AC shuts down, you need to do some damage control. Lowering the shades will keep your home cooler until your technician arrives and gets your AC working again. Once everything is fixed, you can open up the shades and make your home nice and bright again, just how you like it.
4. Minimize traffic in and out of your home. When the AC stops working, you want to preserve that last bit of cool air for as long as possible. Every time you open the front or back door, you allow cool air to escape. We’re not saying to go overboard and force everyone in your home to stay put. But, for the time being, try to avoid opening the exterior doors (except for when your technician arrives, of course!).
5. Lower your body temperature. Even if your home is getting warmer, lowering your body temperature can make a world of difference. One trick is to run some towels under cold water, place one around your neck and put the rest in the freezer. Continue grabbing new towels from the freezer until the AC is fixed. Another fast and effective way to lower your body temperature is to take a nice cool shower. This also will help you feel more awake and offset any grogginess from the heat.
6. Wear light, loose-fitting clothing. If you’re wearing pants or tight clothing, throw on some shorts and a tank top.
7. Set up some standing fans. Even though fans don’t lower the temperature of a room, the wind chill effect makes us feel cooler. You also can use a little trick to make the fans even more effective. Fill several mixing bowls with ice and place them in front of each fan. As the ice melts and the fan continues to work, it will blow cooler air throughout your home and act as a makeshift air conditioner.
8. Drink cold beverages. We all love our coffee and tea. But until the AC is fixed, sip on something cool and refreshing, such as fruit-infused water or a smoothie.
9. Open the windows at night. If you realize in the middle of the night that your AC isn’t working, open the windows for some temporary relief. Just remember to shut them in the morning once temperatures start to rise.
10. Seek refuge in the basement. Here in Florida, basements aren’t all that common. But if your home has one, head downstairs until your technician arrives. The basement will always be the coolest place in the home.

Life’s Cooler With Buehler

Losing your air conditioning in Florida is frustrating no matter which way you shake it. But Buehler is here to get your system back on track in no time. If you ever find yourself without air conditioning this summer, use these tips for some temporary relief. But, ultimately, there’s no need to sweat it. We’re the coolest, most trusted techs on the block and will get your AC working again in a breeze.

To request AC repair in Jacksonville, FL, or elsewhere in our service area [LINK TO /our-service-areas/], please contact us online or call Buehler Air Conditioning at 904.906.4204 today!

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