The climate in Florida is more of a tropical and a humid subtropical one. The scorching heat from the sun in most of Florida’s cities combines with the humidity to create an irritable and uncomfortable ‘muggy’ weather. To deal with this discomforting weather, having a well-functioning and effective air conditioning system becomes paramount for the people of Florida. Most people do own AC units and use them to create their desirable ‘indoor weather’ but overlook the maintenance this equipment needs to thrive while it’s at work.

With use comes maintenance and getting AC maintenance twice a year is extremely important if you wish to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere in this state. Let’s go over, in-depth, why twice a year AC maintenance is so important in Florida.

Increased Efficiency

A properly maintained and looked after air conditioner will undoubtedly perform better. You will be able to feel and sense the difference and ultimately pay less due to it.

Your AC unit is probably one of the greatest contributors to your monthly electricity bills and you want to keep the figures on these bills as low as possible. This is where the efficiency of your AC unit comes into play. Highly, or just appropriately, efficient air conditioning systems will help in consuming lesser energy and eventually, lowering bills by up to 25 percent.

The key here is efficiency. How can you sustain the efficiency of your expensive electrical appliance over the years? The answer is simple: by getting maintenance twice a year. Research shows that for every year your AC unit goes without proper maintenance, its efficiency suffers and drops by 5 percent. On the other hand, proper and professional maintenance can increase the lifespan of your cooling/heating system significantly.

Improved Performance

An air conditioning unit is a complicated electrical system that involves a lot of elements, including ducts, coils, filters, coolant gas, etcetera. The inside of your unit basically looks like a fish tank which needs timely and thorough cleaning as all these inner components are prone to catching and piling up with dirt, dust particles, pollen. Making sure that your unit stays clean all the time will contribute positively to its overall performance and allow you to enjoy a comfortable indoor environment during Florida’s hot months.

Furthermore, timely maintenance will make sure that your air conditioner stays in top condition and will essentially serve you as ‘preventative maintenance. Professionals checking in on your unit will keep you updated on its condition, avoid damage occurrence and hence, result in lesser needs for repair (this will save you heavy AC repair costs). Twice a year maintenance can greatly lower risks of minor faults moving on to become grave ones if unaddressed and left unnoticed.

Enhanced Air Quality

The high humidity levels in Florida can result in mold production in the coils, filters, and ducts of your air conditioner. This mold can pollute the air of your house/building and compromise the quality of the air you breathe. Polluted and ‘unhealthy’ air can lead to health concerns, especially for those with respiratory diseases or constraints.

Proper maintenance, including air quality evaluations and rigorous cleaning methods, can definitely improve the quality of the cool air that your air conditioner gives out. Professional and highly rated AC repair companies have several ‘air cleaning’ techniques and gadgets, such as dehumidifiers (to control & monitor indoor moisture content), UV lamps (to fight off mold and bacteria from your unit’s coils) and air purifiers (to aggressively filter germs, mold spores and other harmful compounds).

Hopefully, this shows you why twice a year AC maintenance is so important in Florida.

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