We hear this question a lot. As an air conditioning company, we are concerned that there is something wrong with your air conditioner. So we ask a lot of questions in return. And often, it turns out the problem is that you’re expecting too much from your AC system.

An air conditioner can only do so much

Central air conditioning makes your home a whole lot more comfortable throughout the year. It’s tough to imagine a summer without it. So we begin to expect our air conditioners to do whatever we want.

But when you lower the temperature to 68° on a 98° day, you’re expecting too much. You cannot assume your air conditioner will lower the temperature by any more than 20°. After this point, it can no longer work efficiently.

Lowering the thermostat too much can cost you

When you set the temperature too low on your thermostat, the system has to cycle repeatedly throughout the day in an attempt to reach it. When it runs for longer, it adds to your electric bills, and your air conditioner becomes overworked.

Your AC system was not designed to run nonstop. This can quickly ruin your system, leading to its early replacement with all of the unnecessary strain on the system.

Finding an efficient temperature

If you and your family members can find an efficient temperature setting to agree on, stick with it. The US Department of Energy recommends about 78°, though we know many families would prefer having the temperature one or two degrees lower.

Pick the warmest temperature that everyone is comfortable with for maximum efficiency. Raise the temperature by 10° when you leave the house and when you are asleep. If it still has trouble reaching your temperature settings, you should become concerned.

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