Why is replacing an aging a/c system always considered the best home upgrade choice to perform first?

This question is multi-faceted, but the following answers are easy to discern as truth when you look at them all as a whole. Technology is always exponentially improving. A fifteen or twenty-year-old heat pump system is guaranteed to drain the most power out of any of your outdated appliances by far.

Your heat pump system uses double the energy that your refrigerator (a large appliance that runs 24/7) uses. Your electric bill will be slashed by a solid thirty percent in most cases. Invest in a quality variable speed system that is 16 SEER or higher and you will see and feel very tangible changes in your overall comfort levels. Even in homes that host large families, the differences in comfort and energy savings are the two top reasons to upgrade your air conditioning system sooner rather than later.

Tax breaks are often offered to homeowners for investing in any new energy-saving appliances. Here in Jacksonville, Florida, it is always popular to keep cool and stay ahead of your homes’ preventative maintenance curve. Replacing your cooling system is a major investment. An investment that requires highly skilled technicians who understand and sympathize with their customers. Companies such as Buehler Air Conditioning & Plumbing go above and beyond to provide top-quality service and offer a rare 2-year labor warranty to accompany all parts warranties on new installations. Jason Buehler and his company provide serious value while adhering to highly stringent quality-based criteria that he sets for every one of the services that are performed by Buehler Air Conditioning & Plumbing.

Retrofitting an existing system is not as difficult and time-consuming as most homeowners believe it to be. Many large system expansions can be done in a week or so. Smaller and mid-sized homes can often be completed in one full day. The tools used to calibrate these advanced systems are evolving right along with them. Full LED readouts relay vital statistics to the technician down to minute degrees of measurement for a multitude of tasks. Often eliminating time and money by integrating multiple tools into one unit.

For those of you with larger homes- The new technology that Carrier has developed is guaranteed to save you a bundle in the long term. Carrier GreenSpeed technology is at the forefront of a modern leading-edge movement that signals the integration of computers, smart homes, and smartphones. The new line of high-end thermostats is becoming trendier and possesses internet connectivity. They can be controlled from your smartphone.

The ability now exists to balance and measure humidity, air purity levels, and overall comfort while controlling it all down to far smaller degrees of measurement than ever possible before at the residential level. This actually makes for a fun and interactive way for your family to be actively involved in the functions of your home.

If you are remodeling your home then be sure to upgrade your cooling system first. The energy savings will give you more money every month to put toward changing other aspects of your home atmosphere.


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