Your thermostat is essentially the brain of your air conditioner. It sends a signal to the air conditioner as soon as temperatures elevate above what you need and forces the AC to shut back off again once everything returns to normal. Of course, if the thermostat is not working, you won’t be able to use your air conditioner at all, and this is the reason for many of the frantic emergency AC repair calls we receive.


So why is your thermostat blank? It could be something that is quite simple to fix on your own—or it could be a larger problem that gives you an opportunity to upgrade to a more advanced programmable thermostat.

No Batteries

Some thermostats are battery-operated so that they can be controlled wirelessly from any location in the home, without the need to be hard-wired into the electrical system. Remove the wall cover and try replacing the batteries before calling a technician.

No Power

It could just be that something has tripped the circuit breaker (or blown a fuse, if you still have a fuse box in your home), and a quick reset should solve this issue. If not, there may be something wrong with the wiring. In this case, you’ll need to contact an HVAC technician to check out the problem.

No Function

Of course, like any of the electrical components of your home, the thermostat is going to have to be replaced eventually. After some time, purchasing a new thermostat is the only way to restore your AC and heating systems. But this gives you the opportunity to select a new modern programmable thermostat with advanced programming options that allows you to vary the temperature throughout the day for maximum energy savings. Call a local jacksonville ac repair technician to learn more about your options.

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