By now, you are used to the hum from the outside portion of your air conditioner and the whir of the indoor fan as the AC kicks on for another cycle. So when your air conditioner makes a noise that differs from the norm, it can be alarming—and rightfully so. Don’t pass off a strange air conditioning noise as a normal part of the operation, and don’t wait for repairs. Call a technician at the first troubling sound you hear.

Examples of Common Noises

Any noise that seems out of the ordinary is likely your air conditioner struggling to operate properly. Here are just a few examples of what some of these sounds mean.

  • >Hissing – A hissing noise can seem relatively minor, but it may indicate a major issue. Often, this means that refrigerant is leaking from the line that runs from one portion of your system to the other, and this could lead to cooling issues, a frozen coil, or even compressor damage.
  • Banging – This could be a quick fix for a technician or it may mean that a larger part of your system is in jeopardy. It could indicate a loose fan or a damaged fan blade. However, you may need to replace the compressor, a costly component.
  • Buzzing – As you may be able to guess, a bussing noise from the outside unit is most likely electrical. This could indicate loose electrical connections anywhere in the system or damage to a motor.
  • Screeching – A loud screech or scream may be one of the more obnoxious sounds an air conditioner could make, but it’s not usually a huge problem for the system. While it still requires repair so that the system does not quite working, this noise is usually caused by a motor in need of lubricant or a belt that has worn down and needs replacement.

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