If you live near the coast, your air conditioner is a lot more susceptible to damage from the surrounding air. Most homeowners don’t think about how the saltwater in the air can affect a system designed to be durable and reliable. But these conditions leave your air conditioner susceptible to corrosion, and the system might not last as long as it was designed to. Here’s why you should ask your technician about coastal coating for your next air conditioning installation.

Better Performance and Efficiency

The outside unit of your air conditioning system contains many of the most important parts. The compressor, condenser, and some of the most important electrical equipment are housed in this cabinet. This portion of the system must remain outdoors because this is where the heat dissipates to the air around it. But this means it’s much more exposed to the elements, and it’s a lot more likely to become weathered. In a coastal region, rust and corrosion could quickly age the system.

Coastal-coated air conditioning equipment is usually housed in a stainless steel weatherized cabinet. The coil is coated with a saltwater-resistant substance like epoxy. Some coastal-coated equipment is even designed differently so that sand and debris cannot enter the system as easily. All of this allows the components to run smoothly, reducing the chances of repairs and possibly extending the lifespan of the unit.

Tried and Tested

Studies have shown that air conditioners in coastal areas run more efficiently if they are coated with corrosion-protecting materials. The coils allow refrigerants to absorb and release heat more efficiently when they are kept clean, and the coastal coating helps this to happen. While regular maintenance is still recommended, the wear and tear through the season should remain minimal.

Are you looking for coastal coated AC repair in the Jacksonville, FL area? Contact the experts at Buehler Air Conditioning & Plumbing, and we’ll make sure that your air conditioner is protected from the harsh effects of the beautiful coastal weather.

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