We get a lot of calls for this issue—many of which come from people unsure of whether or not it’s something that needs repair. If you notice that the indoor portion of your AC system has frozen, you need to do something to rectify the issue. It can cause problems for efficiency and comfort, and could even lead to damage to your home.

Why Coils Freeze

The indoor evaporator coil turns very cold as the refrigerant inside of it absorbs heat from the warm air blowing over it. However, it should never freeze up. If the coil is iced over, it has trouble absorbing and removing heat, which is how your air conditioner cools down your home (refrigeration).

The reason this coil may freeze is that there is:

  • A lack of warm air moving over the coil, or
  • A lack of refrigerant.

How to Resolve the Issue

Sometimes, solving your low airflow problems is simple. You may only need to change the filter. When the air filter is too dirty, it’s clogged with debris that may block air from moving throughout the system. This means that warm air is limited, which may allow the system to freeze.

Otherwise, it’s so important that you call a technician ASAP. Professional AC repair technicians can seal refrigerant leaks, fix a broken fan, or take on whatever else your AC unit needs.

Act Fast

There are several problems that could potentially arise if you do not call a technician. Contact your local AC experts today, to prevent these potential problems.

  • Your energy bills are higher as the AC system works harder to try to cool your home.
  • You won’t be comfortable when your air conditioner cannot take the heat out of the air. That’s how it cools your home!
  • You could experience water damage if the coil thaws out and water overflows from the condensate drain. Can AC Replacement Be More Affordable than Repairs?

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