The seer rating is also known as the Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio. It is a critical function when it comes to how a typical air conditioning unit functions. A higher SEER rating means a more efficient cooling system for your home, which in turn means more reduced energy usage and low energy costs.

While the belief is that a high seer rating means more efficiency, and how important it is to have it on the high count side, the highest number possible for your home might not be so easy to figure out as it depends on a variety of factors which differ from one home to another. This article will help you understand how to know the best SEER rating for your house size.

Modern air conditioners have a SEER rating ranging from 13 or 14 SEER as a minimum to a maximum of 21 or 25 SEER. It is important to know that this SEER max and minimum rating depends on your state requirements or the department of energy.

As mentioned earlier, calculating the SEER rating best suited for your home is not so easy as it depends on some factors. Doing an AC installation with a high SEER rating when you don’t even need as high as you bought doesn’t make any sense. Some of these factors that may influence the SEER rating are:

  • Information about your home, where you live, your climate, location of your home.
  • The size or square footage of your home.
  • The size of your air conditioning unit can also determine the SEER rating.
  • The air conditioner model and quality.
  • Insulation and ductwork of the AC system.

There’s a lot that goes into determining a good SEER rating for your house. It’s good you have all the information before making a decision, and the above tips will surely help you in doing so.

If you’re in a location where you get 32 degrees at night to 90 during the day, then a 14 to 16 SEER rating might do it for you. If your location is hotter than you may need your AC on all year round, then you can go as high as 21 SEER rating.

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