One little but critical problem you might face during this summer is the best temperature to set your AC. Often people get confused about what exactly to set. This post, however, will enlighten you on the issue. Read more on the best temperature to run your AC unit during the summer. Most times, the best temperature to set depends on the particular time of the day. Read on to discover more about the best temperature to run your AC unit during summer.

During Day-Time

When you’re at home during the day, you should consider setting your AC temperature to 78’F. Although the department of energy estimated that keeping the home at 85’F for eight hours in a day can save you 5 to 10% on your cooling bills, you won’t just be sitting for that long at home; hence, the reasons why 78’F is ideal.

At 78’F, you’d feel completely comfortable in your home without having to pay exorbitant energy bills. You could add a ceiling fan to make the whole atmosphere cooler and comfortable.

When You’re Away

For some reason, you may need to keep your AC on while away. You should consider setting your temperature at 82’F to 88’F to save more on cooling bills.  You can also turn up the AC thermostat by 7 to 10 degrees.

During Night-Time

Setting the temperature for your AC at nighttime might be a little tricky. Most of the time, it usually depends on home users. Although the best temperature for sleeping is said to be between 70° and 77°F, for those that can sleep quite alright in a warm room, you should consider turning up the thermostat about 4`up more during the daytime. However, for those that go with a cool room, the thermostat can be turned down a bit instead of up.

There you have it! It’s summer, and it can be sweltering. It’s one of the reasons why you must ensure regular AC service and AC maintenance. If you don’t have an effective working and efficient AC that can set and work with the right temperature,  sweltering set in, and the summer heat makes all your home uncomfortable to stay in. However, if you have an AC that doesn’t need an AC repair, then lucky you.

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