You’ve just gone for a run, returned home from the gym, or come inside after some tough yard work. You want your air conditioner to cool you down fast, so you decrease the temperature on the thermostat to 65 or so in order to speed up the process. This is an impulse that many homeowners share, but, unfortunately, it simply will not help to cool your home faster.

Air Conditioning Fan Speeds

For the most part, an air conditioning system’s blower fan has only one speed. While there are highly efficient variable speed blowers available, the purpose of this is not to cool your home faster, but to reach more accurate temperatures. Variable speed settings work much like a cruise control system, automatically readjusting in order to reach the setting on the thermostat with the most accuracy. The thermostat is a simple temperature regulator that only communicates to the AC when to turn on and off. It cycles on when the temperature is too high and turns off (or lowers the fan speed) when the home is cooled down.

The Problem with Lowering the Thermostat Too Much

The major issue with lowering the thermostat too much is that many homeowners have a tendency to “set it and forget it.” In other words, they will choose a low temperature in order to cool down the room, but they won’t remember to turn it back up to an efficient temperature. An unnecessarily low number on the thermostat just means your home is cooler than it needs to be and that you end up spending more money on your cooling bills. In the end, your air conditioning system may suffer from all the extra wear and tear, ultimately failing sooner than it would otherwise. Finding a temperature that is cool enough for everyone to be comfortable but that saves some energy—preferably about 78—can mean lower bills and a better-performing system.

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