Though our weather has been relatively mild lately, soon enough spring with bringing warmer weather upon us. When it does, you won’t want to be facing a malfunctioning air conditioner. This is why it’s vital to take care of AC repairs as soon as you notice a problem. Delaying repairs typically only results in larger, more expensive repairs later. Or, if you are really unfortunate, you could be facing a full system breakdown.

Don’t Ignore the Signs

Even the best air conditioning system that receives regular maintenance twice a year can run into malfunctions that require attention right away. Many homeowners feel comfortable with simple HVAC system maintenance tasks such as replacing air filters or cleaning dirt and debris away from their outdoor unit, but this will not solve any problems if your coils need repair, if you have a refrigerant leak, or have other issues.

How Do You Know If You Need Repairs?

There are a few telltale signs that your AC system needs repair, which we’ve shared below.

Loud Sounds: If you hear loud grinding or other mechanical noises, this could be indicative of a motor burning out. Or, if the sound is coming from the outside cabinet, it could mean that your compressor is damaged. This is a problem that must be resolved right away.

Ice Buildup: You may think it’s normal to see ice buildup on the evaporator coils or elsewhere within your AC system, but this is not simply a side effect of the cooling process. Your AC doesn’t use ice at any point in the heat exchange process. The development of ice means that something serious is going on with your system.

Ineffective Cooling: You might notice your air conditioner isn’t working at its peak. Perhaps certain areas of your home will feel warmer than others. These “hot spots” simply should not occur with a properly working AC unit and could indicate that your air conditioner is not working at the right performance level.

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