The next few months are known as summer, a time of outdoor activities, and fun in the sun. This is true for us in Florida as well, but we know of this time of the year as not only a different name. An entirely different season altogether, as we are coming up on “Hurricane Season”. With this knowledge in place comes with it knowing that precautions must be made. This involves boarding windows, having emergency water and batteries on hand, and having potential evacuation measures set up. What sometimes gets overlooked when it comes to hurricane prep is one’s A/C unit, as we usually see it as this hardy metal appliance that is rugged and strong. Now it may be constructed to exist in the open environment. It is important to recall that a hurricane is not a normal storm, it is a potentially very destructive force that can flood locations and level homes. With that, here are some tips to take into consideration when it comes to protecting your unit during this hurricane season.

Prepping for the Hurricane

If the hurricane is heading your way here are a couple of things to do:

1. Cool it down- Lower your house’s temperature lower than normal. This will help keep your house cooler for longer as you deal with the storm.

2. Shut it down- You want your unit off during the hurricane. If the unit is running, it can suffer compressor damage due to it turning on and off many times because of the continuous loss of power.

During the Storm

One of the more common damaging occurrences that take place is that of a lightning strike frying your unit. Though there is not really a way of preventing lightning from striking your home. Here are the steps you can take in installing a surge protector for your HVAC. —

After the Storm

After the hurricane has moved on, try and turn your unit back on as soon as you can; this will help prevent mold and bacteria build up in it.

Check your system out before you try running it again, as this may cause further damage to your unit. These inspections can include trying to locate any physical damage, if you can smell smoke, locating debris clogging vents, etc.

If you are unsure of what you are looking for, contact the professionals at Buehler Air Conditioning, and let us investigate your unit after such an event.

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