It’s a common contributor to the early decline of air conditioning systems and their components that few people think about. The salty sea air in a coastal area can cause an air conditioning system to wear down quickly. You might think that your air conditioning system is safe as the outer casing is sturdy, but even newer systems can be susceptible to this issue.

How Coastal Air Affects Your Air Conditioner

The salt and the moisture in the air can make the outside unit of an air conditioner more vulnerable to corrosion.

Any air conditioning system can rust and corrode when the metal and the moisture in the air begin to react. However, the salt in the air around here can speed up the process. The components of your air conditioner start to wear down, which has a major effect on the operation of the system

The main concern is for the outside condenser coil. Heat dissipates into the air off the metal fins of the condenser coil, which can corrode with the help of the salty ocean air. When the fins wear down, heat can no longer dissipate into the air with ease.

Eventually, the lack of condenser function contributes to problems with the rest of the system as well. The fans have to work harder, the compressor can become overworked, and your entire system might require premature replacement, all because of the salt in the air.

Get Coastal Coated Equipment

There is the equipment you can purchase that is pre-coated in order to help prevent wear and tear, so consult with a local technician when you are shopping for a new system. Technicians may also be able to add a coastal coating after a system is already installed. Call a local contractor for more information!

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