We always remind our customers of the importance of maintaining an air conditioner. But we know that sometimes life gets in the way, and tasks like these fall by the wayside.

A new heat pump system

But in areas where it’s humid and hot for much of the year, you will need to pay a bit more attention to proper AC maintenance. So this year, make an effort to schedule it into your calendar. Read below why this is so important!

Humidity Can Make a Coil Freeze

When there is excess moisture in the air, some of that is typically taken out during the cooling process. During refrigeration, a coil inside of the air-conditioner gets very cold. Water vapor in the air condenses on this coil. Then, if everything is working correctly, it should drain outside of your home.

However, if there’s not enough airflow going through the system, the lack of warm air combined with low moisture levels causes the coil to freeze faster. And this makes your air conditioner have to work a lot harder, raising your bills and wearing out the components.

Change Your Air Filter Every Month

A major part of proper AC maintenance is changing the air filter each and every month. That means that you’ll have to spend a little money, but it’s worth it to protect your system. Besides, it can lower your bills, and it helps to clean up the air.

Call Quality Technicians

Proper AC maintenance also means calling in technicians when it’s necessary. If something is wrong with your air conditioner, don’t wait to get the problem solved. Call qualified technicians ASAP.

In addition, you should call technicians once a year for your annual maintenance visit. This involves a tune-up of your system that helps it to run more smoothly and efficiently and to remove moisture properly.

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