Life near the beach may sound like a breeze to many. But the coastal breeze is the very thing that causes a lot of stress for homeowners near the coast when it comes to their air conditioning systems. If you live in an area like Jacksonville, FL it’s likely that the outside unit of your air conditioner is at risk for corrosion brought about by the coastal air.

How the Salty Air Affects Your AC

The salty sea air we all love causes problems when the open-air allows it to reach the outside portion of your air conditioning system. Like the salty fog that settles on your windshield, your air conditioner is subject to the same intrusion.

Your air conditioner is designed to fend off corrosion, with a protective layer that prevents water from rusting the metal. However, the salt in the air can wear off this layer, allowing the outside portion of the AC to deteriorate rather quickly.

At some Florida homes, the condenser unit of the air conditioner has needed replacement in only a couple of years! It’s worth it to invest in a system that is less susceptible to damages from the coastal air, and our local specialists can offer that to you.

How Coastal Coated AC Equipment Helps

The salty air wears down the outside unit prematurely. And adding on, even more, the cost is the decreased efficiency that comes with wear and tears on the outside coil. The AC unit can no longer disperse heat efficiently, so the air conditioner has to run for longer to keep up.

Air conditioning equipment can have a coastal coating to protect it from the wear and tear that too often causes an air conditioner to fail well before its time should be up. Call a local technician to learn more!

Make the good call! Buehler Air Conditioning & Plumbing can help you to protect your investment with coastal-coated AC equipment in Jacksonville.

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