Your air conditioner contains a few key features that must be in top shape in order to operate properly. And two of the most important of these are a set of coils on the inside of your air conditioning unit and on the outside unit. Refrigerant must repeatedly convert from a liquid to a gas and back again, and these coils are key figures in this task. Learn more about the vital role of these coils and what kinds of problems may occur with them in today’s guide.

Coils Play a Vital Role in the Refrigeration Process

Refrigerant is a chemical blend used in the refrigeration process for a couple of reasons, such as its relatively low environmental impact and safety risk and its ability to evaporate and condense easily. The refrigerant starts off outside at the compressor, where it is heated and put under very high pressure. Then, refrigerant gives off heat at the condenser coil, where it condenses and gives off heat to the surrounding environment, thanks in part to a large outdoor fan. It then moves inside, where it loses some pressure at the expansion valve and cools off. At the indoor evaporator coil, it evaporates into a gas and absorbs heat to start the process all over again.

Are Your Coils Responsible for Your AC Trouble?

Because the coils are so important in the refrigeration process, they can hinder your AC’s ability to cool your home if they are at all compromised. One of the ways this can happen is if they are dirty. Refrigerant cannot efficiently do its job if the coils are dirty, and the entire system struggles to get your home to the right temperature as a result. We recommend yearly professional maintenance to clean and inspect the coils and prevent this common problem.

Another potential issue is if the indoor evaporator coil freezes. A coil can freeze for a variety of different reasons, including a clogged filter, a slow fan, or low refrigerant. What’s important to note is that it’s not enough to simply scrape off the ice. This can severely damage the evaporator coil and can harm the air handler if the ice melts and leaks into the unit. Finding the source of the trouble is the best way to correct this issue.

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