Here Are 5 Essential Safety Tips You Can Still Do

This year’s hurricane season has truly been one to remember. The recent punch we took from Hurricane Isaias was a first-hand reminder of the type of damage these storms can do. Even more unsettling, these storms are not yet done with us here in Florida. In fact, they can continue to be a threat through November. As your trusted HVAC company supplying premium AC repair in Jacksonville Beach and nearby, Buehler Air Conditioning & Plumbing wants to remind clients that there’s still time to safeguard your home—if you haven’t already.

Our experts share five great ways to keep your home safe in preparation for a hurricane.

1. Invest in surge protection
The destruction an electrical storm can cause to homes and properties can be absolutely devastating. Surge protection safeguards your home by rerouting a storm’s excess voltage away from your home’s sensitive equipment. At Buehler Air Conditioning & Plumbing, we highly recommend installing surge protection for total peace of mind before a damning hurricane hits. We offer installation of the AG3000 HVAC/R power protection as a way to protect your home and property. (Each installed unit costs $166. If you’re a member of our maintenance plan, you’ll receive an additional 15% discount!)

2. Prepare sandbags
Sandbags are often used to secure entryways and doorways. Have some prepped, stored, and ready to go in case you need them.

3. Make a checklist & have a plan
In the event that a hurricane is expected to hit our area, you’ll want to be sure you have an evacuation plan in place. Know the route you will follow if your family must leave quickly. In addition, create a checklist of things you’ll want to take with you, including insurance papers. Do this in advance and have it handy so you can remember all those important items later on when you might not be thinking as clearly.

4. Clear your yard it’s always a good idea to clear your yard of any unsecured items prior to any storm. Remove chairs, grills, kids’ toys, and bikes—anything that could become airborne and dangerous should the winds pick up.

5. Invest in a generator
Not all hurricanes require evacuation but may result in power loss. Don’t suffer in the dark during a bad storm. Invest in a generator so your family can stay safe if you lose electricity.

Other Important Things to Consider

Like we always tell our customers: It’s important to be prepared. For Floridians, this can mean you need to be prepared twice as much! While you can’t stop a hurricane, you can be safe when it arrives. Here are a few more helpful tips you can follow:

  • Have a supply of drinking water stored away to last you a few days.
  • Stock up on canned goods and nonperishable items.
  • Assemble a stash of essential supplies, such as flashlights, batteries, portable phone chargers, lanterns, blankets, candles and first-aid supplies
  • Review insurance policies, such as flood damage insurance.
  • Take inventory of valuables or place them in a safe.
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