What to do if your AC is Leaking Water

If your AC unit is currently being backed up and you are leaking water in the area, just follow these steps and we’ll see if we can get you up and running!

  1. Turn off the A/C Unit. If the unit is leaking water, keeping it on will only leak more.
  2. Move to the A/C Unit and find the drainage Outlet, Usually a PVC pipe.
  3. Take a Shop Vac and take up all that water and send it somewhere else.
  4. Turn your AC unit back on and hopefully, that solves the problem.
  5. If the AC unit still pumps water, call us, and we’ll check it out for you.

What Causes an AC Unit To Get Backed Up?

Clogged Drain Line – The first response we check is if there is a clog in the air conditioner drain line. The drain line’s main purpose is to safely remove the liquid run-off from the A/C unit so that no backups occur. But if the drain line is clogged, then the liquid will simply spill over causing a watery mess.

Disconnected Drain Line – Either through poor installation or time taking its toll, a drain line can become disconnected. When this happens, water can run off from the seams or just pump out straight from the machine.

Condensate Problems – Another pump is the condensate pump. While this is a less common problem, the pump can malfunction or become too dirty to function properly and can cause water to spill out distally from the air conditioning unit.

At Buehler Air Conditioning & Plumbing we can be at your location in no time at all to diagnose the problem. We’ve been in the business of servicing air conditioners many years now, and it is our pride and passion to help you. Do waste your time with crazy DIY methods via YouTube, just call us to get it done right!

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