Are you looking to replace your older air conditioning equipment this year? Your options for air conditioning installation have broadened in the last couple of decades, and AC systems are far more efficient than they once were. We’d like to help you pick the most energy-efficient, high-performance system for your home by recommending a high-efficiency variable speed air conditioning system for your next replacement.

The Benefits of a Variable Speed System

Most air conditioners run at one speed until the air conditioner has completely cooled the home to a set temperature. But many modern air conditioners have variable speed settings for the blower fan so that you have better control of the airflow. Here are a few of the benefits of installing this type of system.

  • Comfort –When a home gets too cold, often the only option is to shut off the AC completely, but this can make you even less comfortable. With variable speed settings, you can retain airflow without readjusting the temperature on the thermostat for your comfort.
  • Efficiency – A system that shuts off and turns on again too frequently uses up a lot of energy. A system with variable speed settings won’t have to start up as often, resulting in greater efficiency, especially if you choose a system with a SEER rating (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) of 16 or higher.
  • Humidity Control – Because you can run a variable speed system for longer periods of time at a lower speed, it is better at removing humidity. While all air conditioners dehumidify to an extent, you may use a lot of energy running the AC long enough to remove an ideal amount of humidity.
  • Noise Reduction – When the fan moves at the lowest speed, noise is reduced from both the indoor and outdoor components.

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