How to prepare your home for summer since it has just begun, and already you can feel the effects of this season’s intense temperature changes. With the obvious heat increase, we also are faced with rising humidity levels that make even standing in the shade ineffective for dealing with the discomfort of the environment. With that, you need to make sure your house is ready to face off against these elements, or else be prepared to have your home’s interior become nearly unbearable.

Passive Design Strategies

Worried that battling against the heat will cause your electricity bill to go up because of your A/C unit working extra hard. To help with this, consider setting up sun blockers, such as trees, around certain parts of your house; for best result, plant them in front of windows.


Insulation helps regulate the inner temperature of a location, be it to keep it warm or cold. If there are locations within your house that are in need of some or need it replaced, now would be the time to have it installed.

Upgrade your Windows

More than just updating your windows, but you may want also to consider upgrading the type of window you have installed. Impact windows are great at not only preventing potential window damage, but also prevent more UV rays from entering your home than standard windows, and thereby eliminating more heat from getting in.

A/C Inspection

Make sure you’re A/C unit is running to the best of its abilities. This will make sure that not only are you getting the most out of your unit, but that any potential issues that may come up later in the season are handled well beforehand, so you do not have to face your unit taking a sudden nosedive, and leaving you in a sweltering house.

Having your unit operating at maximum proficiency also means that you will not have to use more energy to use it; this means not having to face a higher energy bill during the summer.

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