If you are in the market for a new air conditioning system, you are probably hoping to get the best system you can—within a budget. Here’s what we think all homeowners should know before they start the process of finding a new central air conditioner for their homes.

Sizing Matters

You’ve found a great system at a decent price for the size of the unit. But are you certain it’s the proper size for your home? Choosing a system that is too small is a problem. It might become overworked quickly and need frequent repairs because it is running for so long to attempt to cool your larger home.

But even if it is too large, it can run into a lot of problems throughout its lifespan. It may short cycle, running in short bursts which also wear down the unit. There is only one size AC that is right for your home.

Check the Efficiency Rating

It’s important to check the efficiency rating of a new air conditioning system to make sure that your new system is environmentally friendly AND saves you money. You might save money at first on a less efficient system—one with a lower SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio). But over time, you end up spending more. The overall spending often surpasses that initial price—meaning it’s not really worth the “savings.”

Work with Professionals

We do not recommend that you go about attempting to find a new air conditioning system on your own. For one thing, technicians can ensure you get the right size. In addition, trustworthy technicians will do whatever possible to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck.

The system must be installed properly in order to run smoothly and efficiently, without costing too much to operate from month to month. Good technicians will see that that happens, taking into account your initial budget to help you with payment plans and other methods of saving upfront.

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