When it comes to regulating the air quality of one’s home or work environment, it is the circulation of fresh and clean air from your air conditioning unit that makes this happen. It is because these units being so extensive and intricate that each part of them has an essential role to play, and any potential obstacle presented to it will, in turn, reduce the efficiency and quality of your location’s atmospheric quality. One such part of your HVAC that is often overlooked is the vents, the part that transports the air into the location’s interior. Now, we are not saying that people forget it when their vents are damaged or clogged, as those are obvious problems that would need immediate repairs, but rather something that people tend to overlook or put off, cleaning out their Ducts.

Let us explain to you why you should clean your air vents, and how best to accomplish this.

Why Clean your Ducts?

As time goes by, more and more air will travel through these vents, and with them all of the dust, debris, and dander that is built up over time. If this is left to sit it will allow for mold and bacteria to build up and grow; this will, in turn, be pumped into your living space, leading to potential illness in those inhabiting the location.

Dirty vents also mean something more obvious, bad smells; which will lead to discomfort in your own home, as no one wants to stay in a smelly house.

How to Clean them

– Remove the vent covers and wash them in soapy water.

– You can then use a cordless vacuum, or tube attachment on your vacuum to suck up the dander and cobwebs stuck to the sides of the Duct.
– You can then scrub the interior with a microfiber cloth with a cleaning solution.

– After completion, reattach vent covers and enjoy the fresher air.

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