Think of all the times your air conditioning system or heater has needed repair. This may have only happened to you once or twice or it might happen a lot more often than you care to admit. You have to drop what you’re doing to schedule repairs. You have to spend money you weren’t expecting on repairs that were, most likely, preventable!

That’s right; a large portion of the repairs we make each week could have been prevented, at least to an extent. Sometimes, systems need repair simply because of a clogged filter, which has made it difficult for the air conditioning system to take in the right amount of airflow and caused the unit to become overworked. And many times, a professional maintenance visit could have helped to prevent the issue for the cooling season, or at least identify the issue sooner. A professional tune-up makes things easier on you, and we’ll go over some details below about why this is.

What’s involved with a tune-up?

Many people don’t schedule annual tune-ups in the spring simply because they are not certain about what’s involved or why it’s so important. A tune-up typically consists of:

  • Inspections – An inspection allows a technician to identify any potential problems with your system so that you can plan repairs and schedule them before your system breaks down suddenly. This tends to be easier on your budget and on your time.
  • Cleaning – Dirty air conditioning components do more harm than you may think. An outdoor coil that’s covered with dirt won’t be able to release heat properly, which could overwork your AC system. An AC tune-up cleans up these coils, reducing the chances of trouble during the summer.
  • Adjustments – There may be various parts of your AC system in need of adjustment. Tightening electrical components, for example, may help to keep everything in better operating condition, and making these adjustments now, on your own schedule, is certainly easier than making major repairs when the system breaks down later on.

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