You know that your local HVAC technicians will be here when your air conditioning system has broken down completely. But wouldn’t it be nice to get your central AC system in shape before it causes you this type of stress?

Waiting for a technician is time-consuming, and emergency service sometimes costs more than the typically scheduled service. If you notice any of the following problems, be sure to call a local AC tech as soon as you possibly can!

Climbing Temperatures

The temperature on the thermostat doesn’t match the temperature of the room right now, and the AC system seems to be struggling to get there. But since the high temperatures aren’t bothering you right now, you wait to schedule service. What’s wrong with that?

Well, climbing temperatures indicate that something within your air conditioner is not working the way it should. This could mean anything from a dirty air filter to a failing motor. And this singular part is important to the operation of your AC system, no matter how small.

When one part stops working, everything else works really hard to make up for it. Not only does this raise your bills, but it also decreases the performance of the system, increasing the chances that the unit will fail completely sometime soon.

Leaking Water

Water leaking from an AC system is something that makes most homeowners realize the problem is serious. Schedule service now to avoid costly water damages in the future. You might be worried about the cost right now, but this issue is typically somewhat simple for a technician to resolve, depending on the extent of the damage.

Odd Noises

Again, it might not seem like anything is severe enough to call for services so soon. But delaying the issue any further might cause things to get a lot worse. A strange noise in the system means that one part or another is not working properly, and some other components might be wearing down to help compensate for the problem.

Besides, when there’s something wrong with the AC system, you typically have higher energy bills from all the extra energy the problem pulls in.

Make the good call! Buehler Air Conditioning provides quality AC services in Jacksonville, FL.

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