We know that seasonal allergies don’t affect everyone in our service area. So if you’re not spending your time indoors sneezing, you may not think that you need to change the air filter so frequently. But the fact of the matter remains: it’s so important to change the filter once a month or so, regardless of your air quality.

You can’t go without a filter…

One thing you should know is that you cannot have a good air conditioning system without a filter. Not only does it keep the air clean and free of many of the worst allergens, but it also protects your air conditioner (or, your air blower unit). The filter stops larger particles from getting through to the blower unit and causing damage to the fan, the blower, the coil, or other components.

…But a dirty filter does more harm than good.

When the filter is clogged with dust and debris, the air conditioner cannot cool your home effectively. That’s because it cannot let the right amount of air in, and your AC was designed for a certain amount of airflow with each cycle.

A dirty air filter can be responsible for quite a bit of damage. One obvious consequence is a lack of air moving into the space in your home. Another potential consequence is a frozen coil. The indoor coil freezes when there is not enough air flowing over it, and this prevents the system from absorbing heat.

It also means higher energy bills. Of course, a new filter comes with a price tag. But a clean filter reduces the cost of energy and prevents repairs. These two costs alone are worth the price of a new filter, especially if you stock up ahead of time.

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