It may seem early in the year to begin thinking about air conditioning services, but here in Jacksonville, we never know when we’ll need the AC running at full blast. The following AC services may be useful for homeowners in Jacksonville at any time of year, especially since you never know when to expect an unseasonably hot day.

  • Air Conditioning Replacement: Although you may not use your air conditioner too much at this time of year, now is the best time to purchase a new air conditioner if you’ve been considering a replacement. Replacing an air conditioner now will help you to save money later on, as it’s often less expensive to replace a functional unit than to replace one that’s broken down. Besides, if you continue to run your older air conditioner, you will probably notice high energy bills and poor performance for the rest of the cooling season. There are so many efficient options available for air conditioning today, now is the perfect time to make the switch.
  • Annual Maintenance: Scheduling maintenance every year is important in maintaining the lifespan of your unit and preventing repairs as well as keeping your unit running as efficiently as possible. And now is the perfect time to schedule an appointment, before a looming issue causes your unit to fail when you need it most. With maintenance, a technician cleans and adjusts many of the parts of your air conditioning system that may need it, and they’ll go through a complete inspection process to check for any parts that may not be working.
  • Zone Control System Installation: Zone control is an optional installation that can be added to your ducts and can help improve your daily life in a couple of ways. A zone control system is composed of controls and dampers that open and close as you adjust the temperature in a room. Each room or zone in the home has its own thermostat so everyone in the house can feel more comfortable. It can also help you to save money when you shut off the air in areas of the house that are often unoccupied.

Buehler Air Conditioning & Plumbing offers these services or more for energy efficiency and peace of mind. Call us today to schedule any AC services in Jacksonville you may need.

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