Is your AC blowing warm air or making funny noises? We are here to help you get to the bottom of what could be a problem with your system. The first thing that you are going to try when your system is blowing warm air is to check the breaker box. If your breaker box has flipped the switch, then switch it on and see if your system kicks back on. Otherwise, you have a problem and may need an AC repair or an AC replacement.

The first thing you should do is reset your AC to a normal level so that the machine turns off. The chances are that you are causing damage to your system by leaving it on during this.

Why is it blowing warm air?

An HVAC blowing warm air usually means the outside unit is not working properly with the inside unit. If you check your outside unit and it is not on, first, make sure the breaker is not tripped. Second, see if your outside unit is making a humming noise and if so it is probably an electrical problem and causing your system to overheat. At this point, turn off your system and call Buehler Air Conditioning & Plumbing for service.

Why is it making noises?

There are usually five standard groups of noises that are categorized as HVAC systems.

  1. Clicking – Usually an electric relay is not responding.
  2. Clanking, banging – The motor or Blower assembly.
  3. Squealing – Usually formed from a belt or motor bearing.
  4. Rattling from outside the fan – Something is loose or the motor is beginning to fail.
  5. The Thwap – Something is stuck in the blades.

While these sounds are categorized, sometimes it can be difficult to determine what exactly is the problem. However, if you give us a call at 904-595-6605 we can talk you through the problem easily.

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