The thermostat is probably the portion of your AC that you are most familiar with. But are you really taking advantage of it to the full extent so that you save the most money possible on your air conditioning this year? In this guide, we will give you a few tips and recommendations for using the thermostat in a way that saves you the hassle and keeps bills low.

Does a small dial or slider control your AC? Upgrade!

When technicians replace an air conditioning system, they don’t always replace the thermostat as well. Your thermostat could be many years old, which means it may lack many of the modern features that come highly recommended for maximum AC efficiency. Upgrade to a programmable thermostat and keep a schedule that shuts off the air when you normally leave for work. Or upgrade to a smart thermostat, which learns your preferences quickly and which you can set from your smartphone.

Find the warmest temperature setting you are comfortable with

One of the easiest ways to save money on air conditioning is to find the warmest temperature that everyone can agree on and stick with it. Moving the number on the thermostat up and down too often can wear down the components of the AC, and this also uses a lot of energy. In addition, make sure you are completely familiar with all of the settings on your thermostat by reading a manual or asking your technician for help.

Take advantage of variable speed settings

An air conditioning system with variable speed settings can help you to save a lot of money on air conditioning. Therefore, you can lower the speed of the fan to keep air flowing without using too much energy. This is not a feature that comes standard with thermostats, and you’ll need to upgrade to a variable speed air conditioner or heat pump to get it.

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