It’s easy to miss the hidden portions of your home during a routine cleaning, but there’s usually a way to get it done. You may need to grab a stepladder to reach the top of the bookshelf or pull out the vacuum hose to get behind the clothes washing machine. But there’s one part of your home that may require particular expertise to clean properly: the air conditioner.

Keeping parts of the air conditioner clean allows them to run smoothly, which means they will not need to use so much energy. But if you clean it the wrong way, or if it is not reassembled in the proper way after a cleaning, you may further damage the system. Find out how you can help to keep your AC clean and when you should call a professional in the information provided below.

When to Call a Professional

Scheduling annual air conditioning maintenance is the best way to secure the future of your system, preventing repairs and making the unit run efficiently. While there are some parts you can clean on your own, there are others such as the coils and blower assembly that you should allow an expert to clean. You can join an annual maintenance plan so that you never have to worry about forgetting to make a call for maintenance.

What You Can (and Should) Do Yourself

Each and every month, you should clean or replace your air conditioner’s air filter in order to maintain optimal efficiency between annual AC maintenance visits. The air filter stops dust from entering the system and from circulating through the air, but a dirty filter can actually damage the unit. You should also keep debris far from the outside unit, so trim back any nearby hedges and clear out any clutter leaning against the system.

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