If you’ve got an air conditioning system that’s over a decade old, it may be nearing the time for a replacement. Your air conditioning system’s got an expiration date (though it’s impossible to tell exactly when this is), and the closer to this date it gets, the less effective the air conditioner is.

In fact, it might cost you more money to keep an older air conditioner around than to replace it in a timely manner. Here’s why your air conditioner may be costing you even more to keep around:

1. You make a lot of repairs.

If you have an air conditioner that’s nearing the end of its recommended lifespan, you may have to make a lot of repairs and replace worn-down components. And the cost of replacing an air conditioner piece by piece ends up a lot higher than the cost of replacing the whole system at once.

2. You have higher monthly bills.

When parts of an air conditioner age, they move a little more slowly and less smoothly, leading to longer run times and a higher cost of operation.

3. You don’t have coastal-coated AC equipment.

One of the ways your older air conditioner can cost you money if you live in our area is if it is not coastal-coated. The nearby saltwater can slowly force the outdoor unit to deteriorate, meaning a higher cost of maintenance and a less effective system overall. The sooner you upgrade to a high-efficiency coastal-coated system, the less you’ll have to spend annually.

4. You’ll have to drop everything when it does fail.

When your air conditioning system does finally break down for good, you need to get it fixed. This may mean dropping plans you had for the day or even skipping part of your workday. A sudden AC replacement might end up costing you more than the one you’ve had time to plan for, and you won’t have enough time to pick out the system you really want.

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