Here are 4 Air Conditioning Issues That You Can Avoid. In the summer, Florida becomes an environment of humidity and discomfort. To battle this issue, we have our homes, outfitted with our greatest ally, an air condition unit. That does not mean however that there are no issues that can arise that will not give their ability to provide you with refreshing air pause. Here are 4 air conditioning issues that you can avoid and some common problems that we can help you avoid, so you do not have to worry about your home being overtaken by unbearable heat.

AC Refrigerant Leaks

For your AC unit to function correctly, the correct amount of the cooling agent refrigerant must be present. When it leaks from your system, you will find the air circulating into your house is warm, leading to discomfort and a rise in your electricity bill thanks to your unit working harder trying to cool down your home. You need to get the leak in your system fixed right away; this is best handled by contacting professionals.

Air Conditioner Faulty Fans

If the unit’s fans are not working correctly, then the group is unable to not only suck in the air needed to circulate back into the house, cooled and ready, but that the other fans will not be able to expel the warm air from the system. With these fans broken, you will also have an accumulation of dust begin to build up, with can lead to further damage to the system. This is another issue that will require you to reach out to an HVAC professional.

AC System With Frozen Coils

The evaporator coil is filled with refrigerant, and it absorbs heat from the surrounding air. When this airflow is restricted because of dirt and grime, a bad blower motor, or a blocked return grille, a layer of ice will build up, leading to the coil freezing. Frozen coils will prevent your unit from operating correctly, to the point that it stops working entirely. If you think this is the case, shut down your system and call for a professional to come out to clean your coil.

AC Unit Drainage Issues

If your unit’s drainage system does not get cleared regularly, it can be backed up or clogged with debris. This clogging can lead to further damage to your house, be it the walls, roof, or floors. Having regular maintenance set up to clean out the drainage system routinely will do wonders in preventing such an event.

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