Our technicians are here to help. That’s why we want to make sure that you have accurate information about caring for your air conditioning system. The following list includes incorrect information we hear about central AC far too often. Knowing the truth can help to keep your air conditioner operating more efficiently, meaning you can save money and keep your AC system for longer!

“We close the air vents in the bedrooms during the day. We don’t want to waste energy!”

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Shutting the air vents around the home in unoccupied rooms really isn’t the right way to save on energy costs. Just because you close those air vents, it does not mean airflow stops. Rather, your air conditioning system struggles.

Because it was designed for a certain output, the AC system can malfunction when you block off certain rooms of the home. This actually raises energy costs and can cause your system to become overworked and break down.

A better choice is to have a zone control system integrated into your HVAC system. It’s an investment that allows for total control of your heating and cooling from thermostats that divide your home into zones.

“If it’s really hot, I should turn down the thermostat all the way.”

This is not something we ever recommend. Lowering the thermostat really won’t help the air conditioner to cool your house any faster. What it does instead makes the temperatures much lower than you need. Your air conditioner runs for longer, which means you pay more!

We often recommend that you set the temperature to 78° or so, and schedule your programmable thermostat to reach this setting about 20 minutes before you plan to arrive home. This way, the house isn’t so hot when you get there, and you don’t feel tempted to set the temperature so low.

“I’ll take the cheapest air conditioner you have. I want to save money.”

This one is only partly accurate. You might save money right now, but over the lifespan of a cheaper system—well—you get what you pay for. High-efficiency systems cost more upfront, but the energy savings are worth it. Besides, you can often use financing to divide up payments, making the upfront cost much more reasonable.

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