Jacksonville, FL, residents know how hot and humid life can get in the summertime. The last thing you need is a serious repair bill just when temperatures are soaring. The sooner you can spot a problem with your system, the faster a technician can get in to correct the problem. Now is the best time to schedule those repairs before summer forces you to work around the high heat. But how can you tell if your system is having trouble? Here are 3 signs that you need air conditioning repair:

1)   Low Air Flow

If the fan motor is having trouble or the fan blades are damaged, then your airflow will be reduced. Airflow can also be reduced if there’s a breach in the ducts, or the refrigerant lines have formed a leak. Regardless of the causes, the low airflow will increase stress on your system and force it to use more energy to keep your home cool.

2)   A Lack of Cool Air

Sometimes, the airflow is just fine, but the air itself isn’t as cool as it needs to be. This likely stems from low refrigerant levels, which require an expert to recharge. (Refrigerant can be dangerous without the proper training and licensing.)

3)    Higher Bills

Your system might not exhibit any overt signs that there is trouble, but it will definitely make your air conditioner work harder to do its job. That means your monthly electric bills will spike, even if you haven’t used your system any more often than normal. If you notice unexplained rises in your bills, give a technician a call as soon as possible.

If you’re concerned about problems with your system and want an expert to take a look, then give Buehler Air Conditioning a call. We can look at your air conditioner and get it back to fighting shape before the heat hits!

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