Don’t forget to schedule a heating maintenance visit with a trained professional this fall! Temperatures can drop when you least expect them to, and you don’t want to be without a functional heating system when you really need it. Call your local air conditioning and heating specialists today to see about having your heating and air conditioning systems tuned up for the fall.

What Happens During a Tune-Up?

When a technician arrives at your home for a maintenance visit, the first thing that occurs (after the technician has taken the steps to disconnect the unit and wear booties to protect your home) is an inspection. The technician will make sure that all of the electrical components of your furnace or heat pump are receiving adequate power. They will check any gas line connections for safety and look for signs of wear and tear on the major components of the unit.

Then, there will be a standard fine-tuning and cleaning of the system. This may include tightening electrical connections, oiling motors, and cleaning off coils. All of these tasks may make the system run much more efficiently, and you can feel confident that it will perform when you first need it this winter.

Why Schedule Maintenance Today

No matter what the weather may be like in the fall in a place like Florida, you never know when you will really need your furnace or heat pump to run. And even if you live in an area where people only run their furnaces for a few weeks out of the year, gas leaks, carbon monoxide leaks, and serious fire hazards are still potential problems. Schedule your fall maintenance visit today and have half your heating and air conditioning equipment fine-tuned and cleaned!

Make the good call! Get a hold of some of the best-looking people in HVAC. Call Buehler Air Conditioning & Plumbing today to schedule a fall heating system tune-up in Jacksonville!

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