Your air conditioner system helps in keeping the atmosphere of your home cool and comfortable during hot afternoons. Sometimes, you may perceive an unpleasant odor whenever you turn on your AC. This shows that something is wrong with your cooling unit. An unpleasant smell from an AC unit can affect your indoor air quality, thus, causing various health issues. Below are some reasons why your AC smells when it runs.

Microbial Growth

One of the leading causes of fouls smelling AC systems is the growth of microbes in your cooling unit. Microbes such as mildew or mold can grow in your air conditioning unit due to excess humidity or moisture. Thus, releasing foul smells all over your home. Regular AC service, inspection, and cleaning will help eliminate microbial growth and prevent unpleasant odor.

Accumulated Cigarette Smoke

Do you smoke in your home? Over time, cigarette smoke can accumulate in the air filters of your AC unit. Hence, air released through the AC vents will have a stale cigarette smell. If you smoke cigarettes in your home, you must call an expert to help clean or replace the air filters of your AC from time to time.

Dirty Sock Syndrome

Furthermore, a dirty or clogged air conditioner can cause your home to smell of stinking socks or feet. This is often referred to as dirty sock syndrome. Dirty sock syndrome is quite discomforting. Call on an expert to help with your professional AC service and cleaning.

Fluid Leaks and Wiring Problems

In addition, your AC may smell due to fluid leaks, wiring problems, overheating, or any other mechanical issue. All these can make your air conditioning unit release an unpleasant smell. This indicates that the circuit board or a component in the air conditioner is faulty or burnt. Fluid may also leak from your AC’s engine. When you perceive such a smell, turn the AC off. Call an expert for your AC repair, immediately.

Dead Animals in the Air Duct

Finally, dead animals in the air duct of your air conditioning system can cause it to release a rotten egg smell or pungent odor. Birds, insects, and rodents may seek shelter in the ductwork of the AC. When they die and decompose, the air in your home turns bad and smelly.

There you have it! Above are some of the reasons why your AC unit smell bad when it runs. A Smelly AC unit is not good for your health. Your indoor air quality becomes poor. Once you perceive a bad smell or pungent odor anytime your air conditioner system is running, call an expert immediately, to check out the issue.

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