Time to Break Free From a Sticky Situation

Florida and humidity are like bread and butter. The two just go hand in hand.
We can’t change the fact we live in a very humid state—the second-most humid state in the country, in fact. But hey, we get to wear shorts and sandals during the winter while our neighbors in the north have snow. So how much can we really complain?
Just because the outdoor air is excessively humid, this doesn’t mean your indoor air has to be the same. In fact, it shouldn’t. Here are some reasons why it’s important to keep your home’s humidity levels within the 30-50% range.


Your air conditioner will overwork itself and, eventually, need to be repaired. Air conditioners are designed to cool and dehumidify the air simultaneously. But because we live in such a humid state, our air conditioners can’t keep up. Relying solely on your AC to control the humidity is like putting an extra weight on your system’s shoulders—one it just can’t handle. If you’re trying to keep your home at 72 degrees, your AC will have to work harder if your home is too humid than it would if it was less humid. Excess humidity will put unnecessary wear and tear on your air conditioner, increasing your chances for needing AC repair or even replacement if your system fails prematurely. That’s why, if humidity is a chronic problem in your home, it’s important to let a dehumidifier do the heavy lifting so your AC investment is protected.


Your home will feel less comfortable. Does the air in your home feel sticky and nasty? This is a telltale sign your indoor humidity levels are too high. Plus, the more humid your home is, the warmer you’ll feel. And if there’s one thing we need in Florida, it’s a cool, comfortable home!


Your cooling bills will be higher than they should be. Maybe your comfy temperature at home is 68 degrees. But if your home was less humid, it could actually be 70 degrees. Homes that are too humid feel warmer, causing us to set our thermostats at a lower temperature than we normally would. By controlling the humidity in your home, you’ll be able to feel cooler at a higher temperature and, therefore, save money.


Your wooden furniture will get ruined. Wood absorbs moisture. So, when your home is too humid, your wooden furniture can swell and change shape. If your home has valuable wooden furniture, it’s important to consider how the humidity can depreciate its value and change its natural look over time.


Your home becomes vulnerable to mold and other problems. Warm, humid air creates the perfect breeding ground for mold, mildew and bugs. Mold can grow in your ductwork, in your AC, near your windows and more. Apart from looking nasty, mold is harmful to our health. Breathing in mold spores can either worsen or cause allergy symptoms, asthma symptoms and upper respiratory conditions.

Turn the Tables With a Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers are the humidity heroes in Florida. They take the burden off of our air conditioners and protect the thousands of dollars we invest in our cooling comfort. Plus, a dehumidifier can make all the difference for protecting your health, your valuables and your day-to-day comfort by removing the stickiness from your air.
Don’t let the Florida air control you. Show the humidity who’s boss and connect with us to learn more about the dehumidifiers we carry and what’s right for your home.

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