The Answer May Surprise You

Are you purchasing a new home or considering investing in an entirely new HVAC system for your current house? If so, you may have heard talk about using the HVAC zoning system approach to heat and cool your space. But what are these types of home comfort systems and are they right for you? Let us help you decide!

While HVAC zoning systems aren’t new, they’re certainly gaining even more popular these days among energy-conscious homeowners. And why not? These carefully thought-out systems allow for customized temperatures throughout your home, which can increase your comfort and boost your system’s efficiency. Curious to learn more? Check out our HVAC zoning lesson below.

The ABCs of HVAC Zoning

Here are the five most-asked questions we get from customers regarding HVAC zoning.

What is an HVAC zoning system?
In a nutshell, HVAC zoning means you control temperatures throughout different rooms or areas of your house. These systems rely on your ductwork to regulate and redirect airflow into different areas. As a result, you don’t waste energy by heating or cooling areas that no one occupies.

How does it work?
In most cases, dampers are inserted into either the ductwork or the air vents. These dampers open or close to delivering air to specific rooms or areas of the house. A zone controller, which signals the dampers to open and close, works in tandem with your thermostat. And then—voila—instant comfort!

Why should you invest in a zoning system?
In general, zoning systems are a great investment, but they can be especially helpful for heating and cooling homes that have various levels. If you live in a multi-level home and you’re accustomed to bottom floors being too cool or upper floors being too warm, a zoning system is a right choice for you. Bottom line: They were designed specifically to solve this type of heating and cooling issue.

For example, a zoned system is a great option for the following:

• Rarely used areas, such as sewing or computer rooms
• Sunrooms
• Open kitchens with high ceilings
• Bi-level homes
• Basements
• Garage apartments
• Rooms with high ceilings

What are the benefits?
While the major benefit to zone systems is the customization of your heating and cooling temperatures, there are other advantages. With a zoning system, you’ll also enjoy improved energy efficiency, a longer system lifespan, quieter heating and cooling, convenience, two systems in one, flexibility and so much more.

Is it worth it?
The answer is a resounding yes! If your home consists of multiple levels and you’re looking to customize temperatures throughout different areas, a zoning system is definitely the right choice. For more information or details, call the team at Buehler today. We’d be happy to review your home’s layout and advise you on whether a zoning system would be a good fit.

We’ll Get You In the Zone—and More!

At Buehler, HVAC zoning is just one of our many specialties when it comes to home comfort systems. We can also set you up with smart thermostats, duct replacement, duct cleaning, duct sealing, and, of course, anything related to heating, cooling, or indoor air improvements. When it comes to HVAC, we’ll always put you at the head of the class! Call us today at 904.906.4204 to schedule your next HVAC appointment.

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