Air conditioning systems occupy a large portion of our monthly bills in Florida. And, unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions about air conditioning systems that can add on even more to your bills—even when you think you are saving money. Here are a few misconceptions we hear about all too frequently.

Lowering the temperature will cool you down faster

You get home from work after a long, hot day, and you just want to get comfortable. Instead of just choosing the programming settings you would normally go for, you decide that lowering the temperature to 68° or 70° will cool you off faster. But an air conditioner doesn’t work this way; it will only run at one speed, running for longer and driving up your bills to reach a temperature that is cooler than what you actually needed.

Shutting the vents can help you to save

When you and your family members are gathered in the family room for a movie, you might decide to block off the air vents throughout the house in order to save some money. However, this simply will not help with your monthly bills—and it can actually make matters worse. The system is designed to cool a certain amount of space, so any restriction can lead to troubles with the mechanical components of the unit.

Price is the most important factor in a new system

We understand that you want to save some money, but purchasing the least expensive unit you can find for new AC installation is not the way to do it. An inexpensive system likely isn’t very energy efficient, which means the total cost of ownership can be quite high, especially in our area. Conversely, choosing the largest, most efficient system is also a bad idea, because a system that is too large can short cycle and require frequent repairs. Always seek an experienced technician’s help with AC sizing and installation.

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