Your home’s Air Ducts have a simple job: to serve as the pathway that goes between your heating and air conditioning systems and the individual rooms of your home. But this simple job becomes a lot more difficult when there are holes and cracks in the ductwork that allow air to leak out. As long as a duct has not collapsed, however, air should be able to make it to the vents.

But this doesn’t mean that everything is working properly. When there is a significant amount of leakage in your air ducts, it can cause a lot of problems for your comfort, your bills, the AC or heating system, and even, potentially, your health.

The Trouble with Leaky Ducts

When ducts leak, air cannot reach the vents of your home as easily. And since your system was designed to cool or heat a certain amount of space, this can result in a lot of issues. Essentially, you pay to heat or cool an area of the home you don’t even use, like the attic or a crawlspace that your ducts run through.

Because the air conditioning or heating system has to run for longer in order to cool or heat your home, you’ll have much higher energy bills, and you may end up overworking the system. The parts will wear down a lot faster attempting to completely cool or heat the home to the system’s full capacity. You may end up paying for repairs or replacing the system sooner than you should have to.

Are Your Ducts in Need of Repair?

It’s not usually simple to tell the extent of duct leakage in your home. Most ducts leak air to some extent, but too much leakage can mean trouble for the system. Have a professional check your ducts if you’re concerned about your air conditioning and heating systems’ overall performance. You may notice reduced cooling or heating in one room or throughout the house, high energy bills, or a system that needs frequent repairs. Choose a trusted technician to make the right call for your home.

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